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  • Environmental Emergencies

    Understand the risks, potential impacts and relevant information, tools and guidance needed for specific types of environmental emergencies.

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    Try the EEC eLearning module "Disaster Waste Management: best practices and tools", which is available now!

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  • 2015 Green Star Awards

    For excellence in preventing, preparing for and responding to environmental emergencies. Nominate before the 15 November 2014

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  • 2015 Environmental Emergencies Forum - 01 to 03 June 2015

    Join us for three days of interactive dialogue, inspiring presentations and networking opportunities on environmental emergencies.

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The Environmental Emergencies Centre seeks to build the capacity of high-risk low and middle-income countries torespond to environmental emergencies by strengthening their own on external resources and services. emergencies by trengthening their own mechanisms and drawing on external resources and services. emergencies by strengthening their own mechanisms and drawing on external...

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Essential Tools

  • Free MOOC online course on Disasters ...

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  • Hazard Identification Tool


  • Disaster Waste Management Guidelines

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Are you Prepared?

  • Do you know the risks and potential impacts? Get prepared! Increase your knowledge with online trainings, tools and guidelines, and lessons learned.
  • Do you have a contingency plan? Develop, practice and update your disaster and contingency plan.
  • Who are you going to call in case of an emergency? Know who and how to contact your local and national authorities as well as the JEU.
  • Stay Informed, Aware and Prepared! Read latest news and join the discussion
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