2013 AGEE

2013 Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies

The Advisory Group on Environmental Emergency (AGEE) is a dynamic forum to showcase experiences and innovations in improving prevention, preparedness and response to environmental emergencies, and for advocating the integration of environmental concerns into humanitarian action . Held every two years, the AGEE brings together key government, industry, academic and non-governmental representatives –policy makers, environmental experts, and disasters managers  keen to share their expertise, knowledge and lessons learned.

The AGEE provides a unique opportunity for emergency managers, responders and concerned stakeholders to discuss the way forward for improving partnerships, advocacy, capacity building, international governance, operational modalities in environmental emergencies and integrating environmental concerns into humanitarian action.

The agenda for the 2013 AGEE forum included stimulating discussions and ideas for improving partnerships, advocacy, international governance and strengthening capacity, as well as operational modalities for preparedness and response to environmental emergencies and mainstreaming environment in humanitarian action.

2013 AGEE Forum Materials

Click here to watch Dr. Vandana Shiva’s keynote speech during the Opening Session!

Overall documents

AGEE 2013 Provisional Agenda

AGEE 2013 Participants Book

AGEE 2013 Logistical Note

AGEE 2013 List of Participants by name (updated)

AGEE 2013 List of Participants by organisation (updated)

JEU Major Activities 2011-2013 Report

JEU Activities Map

JEU Factsheet

AGEE 2013 Final Conference Proceedings

Sessions Documents

1. Opening Session

2. Improving response to environmental emergencies : Panel Discussion

3. A- Three priorities : Coordination, Coordination and Coordination

B- Technical Session : Assessments

4. Coordinating capacities: Are national governments prepared?

5. Environmental Emergencies Centre Launch

6. Regional partnership for Environmental Emergency Preparedness

7. Saving lives, livelihoods, ecosystems…and future generations

8. A- Technical session : Open source Trainings

B- Innovations Session : Tapping into the crowd

9. Future risks and priorities

10. Proposal for the future