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    The Environmental Emergencies Centre hosts an online learning series consisting of eLearning modules developed by the Joint UNEP/OCHA Unit and partners on a range of environmental emergency preparedness and response topics. In order to complete an eLearning module you are first required to register, which is at no cost and open to the public. Upon successful completion of each module you are asked to complete a Course Evaluation, after which you will be issued your certificate of successful completion. 

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      Introduction to Industrial Accidents: prevention, preparedness and response

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      The three-hour module Introduction to Industrial Accidents: prevention, preparedness and response aims to raise awareness about industrial accidents in order to strengthen the capacity of government, industry and civil society. With an improved understanding of what constitutes an 'industrial accident', participants will be better able to prevent, prepare and respond. Participants will also gain an understanding of when countries should ask and receive international assistance in preparation for or in response to an industrial accident. Available in English, French, Russian and Chinese.

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      Disaster Waste Management: best practices and tools

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      The three-hour Disaster Waste Management eLearning module seeks to provide humanitarian response staff, and local, national and regional government authorities with increased awareness and enhanced knowledge on disaster waste and management strategies to mitigate their environmental impact. Participants will be better prepared and more able to predict, identify, analyze and plan for the impacts of disaster waste in an emergency. This online module is available in English, French and Spanish. 

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      Beyond Response: Better Preparedness for Environmental Emergencies

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      The three-hour Beyond Response: Better Preparedness for Environmental Emergencies eLearning module provides an overview the environmental emergency response process; introduces tools for assessing environmental risks, contingency planning, and preparing for emergencies at the local level. The module also details international response mechanisms. Successful completion of this module is required for participation in the corresponding three-day workshop. Available in English, French and Arabic.

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      Environment in Humanitarian Action

      superuser29 May 2015Ratings:

      The 1.5 hour Environment in Humanitarian Action eLearning module provides humanitarian actors with information on how to effectively integrate environmental issues into humanitarian response and early recovery strategies. The training highlights the key opportunities, misconceptions and challenges for mainstreaming environmental issues into humanitarian action. Available in English and French.

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      Introduction to the Flash Environmental Assessment Tool

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      The three-hour Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) eLearning module aims to equip environmental experts and international first responders to environmental emergencies with the necessary knowledge and tools to identify and analyse hazard risks caused by natural disasters. Upon completion of the eLearning module, participants will be able to list the basic FEAT principles, demonstrate its use, recall the step-by-step procedure and analyse the outcome of the identification of the different types of impact. The module is available in English.

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