Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) 2.0

The FEAT Pocket Guide Version 2.0 is now available!

The Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) helps to identify existing or potential acute environmental impacts that pose risks for humans, human life-support functions and ecosystems, following sudden-onset natural disasters. FEAT focuses primarily on immediate and acute impacts arising from released hazardous chemicals.

To learn how to use the FEAT, take the online course available on the EEC learning hub.


FEAT 2.0 Pocket Guide

FEAT 2.0 includes the addition of the new FEAT Pocket Guide to provide a compact field reference for applying FEAT in emergency response situations.

Pocket Guide 2nd edition in English

Pocket Guide 2nd edition in Spanish

Pocket Guide 2nd edition in Russian

Pocket Guide 2nd edition in French


FEAT 2.0 Reference Guide

The FEAT 2.0 Reference Guide contains the technical details of FEAT, explains the FEAT core process, provides detailed information on how to apply the FEAT core process for emergency preparedness and emergency response, and explains how to provide FEAT output to other disaster management organizations.

FEAT 2.0 Reference Guide in English


FEAT version 1 

The first version of the FEAT was initially developed at the request of the JEU based on lessons stemming from the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami (JEU, 2007) with the aim to provide a standardized, scientific assessment methodology to prioritize the impacts of chemical accidents following large scale, sudden onset natural disasters.

FEAT Version 1

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