The EEC Library contains resources related to environmental emergency prevention, preparedness and response. The resource library includes links to reports, policy documents, tools and guidance and communication materials. You can search the resource library on key words and/or explore the resources available grouped under the different categories.

EEC Newsletters

EEC Newsletter: Read all the latest updates here The Environmental Emergencies Centre Newsletter provides users with valuable updates about the...

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Loss Prevention Bulletin

  The Loss Prevention Bulletin (LPB), published bimonthly by the Institute of Chemical Engineers, shares industry experience on industrial hazards...

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Peru Flooding Report

Environmental Expert Support Mission Technical Report: Peru Flooding Assessment Posted by EEC From 23 March 2017 to 14 April 2017, an environmental...

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The Environmental Emergencies Guidelines

The Environmental Emergencies Guidelines 2nd Edition Posted by eecentre: The response to the environmental impacts of large scale, sudden-onset disasters and complex emergencies, as...

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