UKRAINE – Conflict and Environmental Health Risks

A Visit to Donbas and Forgotten Environmental Flash Points

The Digital Forensic Research Lab conducted an eye-opening interview with Wim Zwijnenburg, the Humanitarian Disarmament Project Leader for PAX, which is a Dutch NGO that strives to reduce the effects of conflict. In his most recent visit to the front lines of Donbas, Ukraine, Wim revealed the detrimental impact of war on the environment, health and local residents’ livelihoods, issues that are often forgotten and ignored by the media.

More specifically, the toxic waste from a phenol factory in Novhorodske stored in waste water ponds located next to military positions is at high risk of being breached by airstrikes leading to the contamination of groundwater, and exposing people to toxic chemicals. This could result in a major chemical and humanitarian disaster.

Read the full interview here for more details on environmental health risks caused by the conflict in Donbas and the need for greater awareness of environmental issues.

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