Vegetation Fires and Global Change: Towards enhancing fire management and wildfire preparedness capacities

Vegetation Fires and Global Change: Towards enhancing fire management and wildfire preparedness capacities

The state of vegetation fire science provides rationale for the way to address and empower society to deal with increasing wildfire threats and the responsible use of fire.

The Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC), in its function of Secretariat of the Global Wildland Fire Network(GWFN), the Wildland Fire Advisory Group (WFAG), the International Fire Aviation Working Group (WFAG) and Interim Secretariat of the International Wildfire Preparedness Mechanism (IWPM), is providing tools for advising / supporting nations and the United Nations in capacity building in wildland fire management and wildfire disaster risk reduction:

–   GFMC Tool 1Global Wildland Fire Information SystemGlobal online repository on fire management information with associated offer to provide services in policy advising, formulation and high-level political activities. The linked literature includes the GFMC White Paper to the UN “Vegetation Fires and Global Change. Challenges for Concerted International Action”.

–   GFMC Tool 2Regional Wildland Fire Networks under the aegis of the Global Wildland Fire Network – 16 regional networks allow countries, institutions and individuals to share knowledge, expertise and resources in fire management at regional and global level.

–   GFMC Tool 3International and regional advisory services for fire management – The GFMC and the Global Wildland Fire Network are offering thematic support to international bodies for devising, designing and implementing fire management programmes.

–   GFMC Tool 4Global Wildland Fire Early Warning SystemGFMC Global Wildland Fire Early Warning Portal.

–   GFMC Tool 5International support tools / services for wildfire emergency responseLiaison for assistance to countries lacking capacities in wildfire preparedness and during wildfire emergencies. EuroFire Training Materials in 14 languages and the draft International Fire Aviation Guidelines are provided.

–   GFMC Tool 6Establishment and services of Regional Fire Management Resource Centers – Regional centers of excellence are designed to support the countries in the region at the science-policy interface, capacity building and advisory support.

–   GFMC Tool 7National Round Tables on Fire ManagementPlanning instrument for fire management at national level offered by GFMC and the Regional Wildland Fire Networks.

–   GFMC Tool 8Systematic application of outreach work in participatory (community-based) fire managementGuidelines and a dedicated portal con community-based fire management.

–   GFMC Tool 9Capacity building in the application of principles of integrated fire management in biodiversity management, nature conservation and protected areas managementOffer for capacity building of forest and land management agencies, policy makers and custodians of protected areas to utilize natural fire and apply prescribed fire in ecosystem management; expertise is provided by comprehensive literature.

The latest comprehensive analysis of the state of vegetation fires globally „Vegetation Fires and Global Change: Challenges for Concerted International Action”. This White Paper directed to the United Nations and International Organizations” was published by GFMC (2013) and is available for download below. GFMC Tools are available by clicking on the above links.

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