Words into Action Guidelines: Man-made/technological Hazards (Consultative Version)

Comments Sought for Guidelines on Man-made/Technological Hazards

A consultative version of the Word-into-Actions Guideline on Man-made/Technological Hazards has just been published on Preventionweb. The development of the guideline has been a collaborative effort between UNISDR, UN Environment and OCHA.

This guideline supports the mandate of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 by providing evidence-based and practical recommendations for addressing man-made and technological hazards for local and national practitioners in disaster risk reduction. The guideline builds on previous experiences and lessons learnt, which are complemented by illustrative case studies.

Inputs and feedback on the document to wannous[at]un.org, before 7 September, are most welcomed.


To access the guidelines, please click here.


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