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The Environmental Experts’ Hub (EEHub)


The Environmental Experts Hub (EE Hub) provides practical guidance to experts deploying on environmental emergency preparedness and response missions through the UN Environment / OCHA Joint Unit (JEU). On this page, you will find all the necessary information, guidance, tools and training materials…

Scoping for Humanitarian Packaging Waste Environmental Assessment


This scoping mission conducted by USAID and the Joint Initiative aims to evaluate existing humanitarian aid delivery systems in order to identify pragmatic, cost-effective approaches to reducing packaging waste during humanitarian interventions. Countries which request humanitarian assistance often have insufficient waste management systems to  handle the plastics and…

Rapid Environmental Assessment Tool (REA)


The Rapid Environmental Assessment Tool (REA) is a methodology for rapidly assessing and analyzing the environmental context of a particular crisis or disaster. When applied, it enables strategic and efficient response planning to mitigate identified priority environmental risks. The Rapid Environmental Assessment process has been successfully applied in numerous…

Contribute to EHA Connect


EHA Connect is an online platform developed by the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit which works to strengthen the links between humanitarian and environmental spheres. The platform allows environmental actors to get involved in disaster management activities and provides an opportunity for humanitarian actors to mainstream environmental concerns…

The Story Behind The EEC Logo


The Environmental Emergencies Centre is a knowledge hub and a…

Join EHA, the tool connecting Environment and Humanitarian Action


The Environment and Humanitarian Action (EHA) Network…

NEAT+ tool Piloting in Zambia


The Nexus Environmental Assessment Tool (NEAT+) is a tool developed…

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