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UNEP Story – Curbing Pollution from extractive industries


Have a look at UN Environment’s article on the adverse effects of a well-intentioned exploitation of natural resources. Focusing on Mariana, Brazil and the town Panguna in Papua New Guinea, the article explores how both experienced the worst mining disasters in their countries and highlighted the need for integration of…

UNEP Story: Tackling a hurricane’s trail of waste


Dan Stothart, Regional Humanitarian Affairs Officer for UN Environment in Latin America and the Caribbean, flew to Dominica following the devastating hurricanes of September 2017. In his story he gives a first-hand account of the challenges facing the Caribbean island.

MOOC – Environmental Security and Sustaining Peace


Natural resources and the environment as a vehicle for peace.Conflicts over natural resources and the environment are among the greatest challenges in 21st-century geopolitics. These conflicts present serious threats to human security at both the national and local levels. Natural resources and the environment can nonetheless serve as a vehicle…

Joint #Envconflictday Statement: Protecting the Environment, Protecting People


Joint #Envconflictday Statement: Protecting the Environment, Protecting People. 31 NGOs and 12 experts were using the United Nations’ International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, to call for greater progress in efforts to protect people and the environment from the impact of warfare.

Opinion: As Communities Rebuild After Disaster, We Must Keep Nature In Mind


In her opinion piece on the environment and disasters, featured…

Environment and Emergencies Training (EET) – Slovenia


From 16 to 21 September 2017, Slovenia received an edition…

Green Star Awards Winners – 2017


For Excellence in Preparedness, Prevention & Response to Environmental Emergencies…

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