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The Story Behind The EEC Logo


The Environmental Emergencies Centre is a knowledge hub and a meeting point for experts working in environmental or humanitarian fields. The Centre invites representatives of governments, communities, private sector, international organizations and civil society to strengthen their knowledge and skills on how to prepare for, and respond to, environmental emergencies.

Environmental Emergencies Center Newsletter 2018


The Environmental Emergencies Centre Newsletter provides users with valuable updates about the EEC, delivered straight to their inbox! The newsletter includes stories about recent missions, announcements, new features of the EEC online modules, recommended readings, and useful links. The newsletter also provides a list of upcoming events, and it is…

Radio Story: Hidroituango Dam, Colombia


The JEU on air on Voces Unidas, la radio de la ONU en Colombia! During the Spring of 2018, heavy rains in Colombia led to a series of incidents at the Hidroituango Dam, still under construction. On May 2018, Colombia’s Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development formally requested technical assistance…

IPS – When Environmental Crises Hit Homes, Women Suffer the Most


Trickling Effects of Environmental Crises on Women. The Inter Press Service (IPS) recently highlighted the implications of environmental crises on women across the world as part of a series of stories for this year’s International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018. In this article, Victor Tsang (UN Environment Gender Expert)…

UNEP Story – Curbing Pollution from extractive industries


Have a look at UN Environment’s article on the adverse…

UNEP Story: Tackling a hurricane’s trail of waste


Dan Stothart, Regional Humanitarian Affairs Officer for UN Environment in…

Joint #Envconflictday Statement: Protecting the Environment, Protecting People


Joint #Envconflictday Statement: Protecting the Environment, Protecting People. 31 NGOs…

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