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The Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) 2.0


The Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) helps to identify existing or potential acute environmental impacts that pose risks for humans, human life-support functions and ecosystems, following sudden-onset natural disasters. FEAT focuses primarily on immediate and acute impacts arising from released hazardous chemicals.

You can consult the latest pocket-version in English here.

You can download the Spanish, Russian and French versions below.


The UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit hosts a free online course to introduce humanitarians to the FEAT tool. Upon completion of this eLearning course, users will be able to demonstrate the use of the FEAT tool in various scenarios, recall the step-by-step procedure for conducting a FEAT assessment and propose risk reduction measures for the different types of impact. 

Register and take the free online course here.


The Flash Environmental Assessment Tool Reference Guide

The FEAT Reference Guide is similar, but goes more in depth than the Pocket Guide. This document contains detailed additional information such as technical details, expanded user guidance, more information on the KoBo data collection tool as well as a FEAT Question and Answer section.

You can consult the FEAT Reference Guide here.

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